Monday, 7 October 2013

Day 249: Just another day at the office.

Day 249 (12 Aug) Monday. Just another day at the office. And so it began with a very green start, just before the sun came up. The jacaranda is in the process of losing its leaves as the season progresses. 

Just before sun-up, at 6.12am

There's always much in the way of the unexpected at work these days; student and staff consults get tucked in and around the usual classes and meetings. 

Stopped in traffic, at 6.12pm
I need to head back to an important rehearsal tonight: the Orchestra gigs are coming up over the next two Sundays and now is the last chance to fine tune the music and the program. We are playing with six young soloists this time, showcasing their talent and giving the students an opportunity...important for their future careers. I was on he road, but stopped in traffic, at 6.12pm...running a bit late after all, but I do get there, just in time. 

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