Monday, 7 October 2013

Day 253: An extra catch-up

On the highway, at 6.12pm
Day 253 (16 Aug) Friday. An unexpected day at work, but useful to get those extra things done. There might be time to get back for a seminar...or just go with the usual beer and pizza...

Breakfast reading and
working, at 6.12am
Breakfast at 6.12am is a combination of eating, reading, catching up with yesterday's news...then of to work with a colleague. 

No matter how hard one tries to hide in an office with a closed door...people find out you are there and so the day goes. 

In the end, the seminar will be bypassed to go directly to the usual beer and pizza, that's the sort of day it has been. The pic at 6.12pm, on the highway, I hasten to add, is not taken by me but by my passenger...lots of traffic heading north for the weekend. 

Tomorrow is another day. 

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