Thursday, 10 January 2013

Day 13: The trip begins

Day 13: (18 Dec) Transit to Tokyo via Sydney...
Now while I was expecting to update this blog regularly while I was away, in the end, I opted for another brief experiment--could I distance myself from social media for three weeks? Well, I more or less did but I kept taking those photos. It's winter in Japan so 6.12am is very dark so I did play around a little with strict 6.12ness in some cases and opted for 7.12am which was 6.12 am Perth time. And because I was away in Japan for mostly work purposes I've also decided that in the event that the am/pm shots were just a little tame, on occasions I've opted to throw in a couple of scenes here and there of the day's events.

Checking the results and notes I needed
to make for the research part of the trip.
So, 6.12am on day 13, I was supposed to be getting ready for the flight later in the day. Nonetheless, I was on the net looking up developments in the Japanese election results. Can't help myself really. Also had quite a few last minute things to do too since I was at the office right up until the end.

Always from the aisle seat, looking out.

The 6.12pm flight was on the plane to Sydney. My preferred airline no longer makes direct flights to Tokyo from Brisbane so a trip that used to be done in about eight hours can now take about 13 hours, including connections.

All went rather smoothly and then it was just a matter of sitting around the airport in Sydney for the late evening flight out.

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