Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day 223: A #GOQUEENSLANDER in Tokyo

On the hustings,
upper house independent candidate,
Yamamoto Taro in Ikebukuro
Day 223 (17 Jul) Wednesday. Some days, it's hard to know whether I should put my elections or my football first...some days it's a tough call. Just after I booked my ticket to head over to Tokyo to cover the election, I realised that the third, and what turned out to be the deciding game of the series, was going to be on while I was in Tokyo. Hmmm...

A touch of overnight rain,
at 6.12am
Preparing an article,
at 6.12pm
Anyway, football aside, with the library closed today (as it does every third Wednesday of the month), it has given me a bit of time to go out on the hustings again. I've been interested in this outside independent candidate, Yamamoto Taro for some time. He stood in the December Lower House election unsuccessfully, but has come back this time, for another go. 

I saw earlier in the week that he is due to appear at Shibuya on Saturday, but last night I learnt he'll be at Ikebukuro...just down the train line from me. My guess is that it will be a bit less crowded too. That's the main plan for today and then get home to draft the article and prepare for the interview with @reblev. Turns out to be a good call. Although there is much to say about Yamamoto over on the other blog, seeing him in action today gives me some really interesting material to write about and talk about with Rebecca...not the sort of stuff the mainstream media has been reporting. 

His campaign has been driven very much in the social media sphere...and young people are keen and engaged. There'll be something in this I reckon. 

I've still got to work out a way to see/hear the football, I'll probably settle for twitter (which I do). There's a TV show on too where contestants are split into blue and reddish/maroon teams...close enough for our purposes. Maroons win! >>>

Queensland wins too...eight in a row. 

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