Friday, 9 August 2013

Day 234: A 'southern' sunset

The south-eastern clouds catch the north-western sunset

Day 234 (28 Jul) Sunday. There is much washing to do, first chance all week. Summer and winter all on the one clothesline. 

It is still a little dark at 6.12am as I peek over the book I'm continuing to read. Then it's up to do the washing...and more washing. 

Reading, again, at 6.12am
I spend quite a bit of time catching up on the blog too...the trouble with a daily blog is that you get just a few days behind and it becomes a bit of a perpetual catch up. Anyway, it is a good way to look back and reflect on the ten days away, a little time to think about what I might write up research-wise on the politics blog. A plan to perhaps go and see a movie fell a bit by the wayside as I just spent the day in catch-up/rest mode. 
Working away, at 6.12pm

The sunset in the evening offered some stunning colours and reflection on the clouds to the southeast of my place...and certainly worth a shot. 

The rest of the day was writing and preparing classes for the week. At 6.12pm, still, seemingly, at the computer working away, sorting and filing photos. I'm sure I've done a lot more than it seems...but that just the way the days roll around here sometimes. 

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