Friday, 9 August 2013

Day 229: Land : delay : work: home

Day 229 (23 Jul) Tuesday. Have spent the night in the air, working a bit since classes started yesterday and I head straight up the highway to class when I land in Brisbane. 

I feel bad for airlines that I don't take advantage of all the whizz-bang technology available at our fingertips on flights these days. I have to say I really appreciate the time to read, and no more so on the longer international flights. I like the mobile phone-free environment and I'm not a fan of its imminent introduction to planes. I've read through until about 1.30am on this flight, I guess that's 2.30am home time. 

Approaching home,
at 6.12am (no filter)
At 6.12am, we're approaching Sydney though it's still a bit dark outside. The fellow next to me has flat-out slept all trip, not eating anything. He's also insisted on all shutters down, but they're up now as we approach my old home town.

So the international flight arrives on time, immigration is OK, the wait for the domestic flight is ahead. Coffee, catch up with my mum via phone, breakfast TV on the screens around the place. 

Back in the office,
at 6.12pm
Boarding the plane for the last leg home to Brisbane, all those Japanese students on my overnight flight are on this flight too, on their way to homestays in Hervey Bay I learn because...we are left sitting in the plane, on the tarmac for almost an hour as we await the engineers' final clearance over a replacement English conversation in the meantime for all the students and their adult minders. 

Eventually, we take off, I get to Bris and hit the highway for work. At 6.12pm, no prizes for guessing what I'm doing. The hurley-burley of the last ten days is done and we're 'back at work'. The blog will resume its ordinary humdrum life...

...until the next trip. 

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