Friday, 9 August 2013

Day 235: Bargain(ing), just not what you're probably thinking

Day 235 (29 Jul) Monday. Bargaining starts today...our regular tete-a-tete with management over striking an agreement on working conditions for we go again. 

It is, therefore, up and at it early so that I can be prepared as the early chess moves are made across the board. This is the third or fourth round I've been directly involved in since arriving at USC. So many depend on us getting this right. Society's increasing resistance to unions however makes it hard going at times. Still it must be done. 

Breakfast, at 6.12am
I have to juggle the opening parries with classes as well so while I teach, colleagues get to have a break of sorts before round two begins. How is it going to pan out this time?...too early to say, but one remains optimistic, as best one can. 

I also have to return to band rehearsal tonight, having missed it last week since I was traversing the globe. Is that really just a week ago, seems so long ago. On rehearsal nights, I like to try and get away around 4.00pm in order to get to rehearsal on time. However, at 6.12pm, I'd only made it halfway, with a short pitstop at Caboolture service station. Appropriate really since quite a few tweepsters know  stop here at all hours on my way home from work for whatever coffee bargain is on. 
In the dark, at 6.12pm

One thing about being in a community orchestra is that most people also work so are reasonably understanding when I get there, just a little late...

Some days orchestra is just one of those things that you think, can I really do this? But then, you get there, and you know it was all worthwhile...

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