Friday, 9 August 2013

Day 231: Coffee, tea, security...

Day 231 (25 Jul) Thursday. And it doesn't take long to get back to old habits. At 6.12am, it's making that coffee that will power me up the Coast to work. Actually, not really. I like my coffee but it doesn't make a difference whether I have it or not. No headaches, no withdrawals, no not being able to sleep if I drink it after 3pm. Nothing really. Just habit. A good friend is swaying me to the tea habit...shh.

Coffee on the way,
at 6.12am
Although the election is yet to be called, my local member, the prime minister, is letter-boxing his constituents to remind us of his good deeds.

Still in week one, there are no tutes but my other course today, the one on International Security. It's always interesting, so much happens on a week-to-week basis. 

Back in the office at 6.12pm, having just finished the lecture, there's a whole other hour, at least, of work to do now making the material available on the 'learning management system' quaintly called 'Blackboard'; updating materials; reviewing upcoming assessment. 

We are still trying to work out how these modern tasks can be realistically considered part of our workload while chipping away at the core of our work which is research. I have quite a bit backing up from over the years and my trips to Japan. Some have said perhaps I shouldn't be blogging...hmm, tough call. 

Lecture done, at 6.12pm
Anyway, we remain on election-watch here, counting down the days...counting down the ways...

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