Friday, 9 August 2013

Day 233: Play day...

Day 233 (27 Jul) Saturday. No rest, straight back into it. Clarinets, play, of those Saturdays. 

I have, as usual, started Saturday in the usual way. At 6.12am, found myself awake and reading a book about Julia Gillard's 'stalking'. Says much about our media, our polity. 

Reading, at 6.12am
Clarinet rehearsal thereafter. A stand-in conductor today, one who announces to the group that I was one of his Japanese tutors in 1991...ah, the passage of time, like sands through the hourglass...etc. 

Waiting at the lights,
at 6.12pm
Rehearsal over and it's back into the city to see one of the QTC 'off-stage' productions over at the Bille Brown Studio. The play is a production of 1001 Nights with ZenZenZo, a terrific, Japanese-influenced drama group that has been around Brisbane for many years now. It's a little long, and at points begins to turn a little to self-parody, but overall, quite good. On the way to the studio, I've walked past many marvellous potential photo subjects...but a colleague has been on the phone the whole time so I missed capturing the little blue fairy wren in the industrial yard...bummer. 

Home again and then on to the next engagement, James Morrison and Julian Bliss playing with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra...superb. Dinner before: well, accidentally and unintentionally, Japanese...just can't get away from it really. 

Tomorrow there shall be much work to make up for all this play...

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