Friday, 9 August 2013

Day 232: A quiet day

 Day 232 (26 Jul) Friday. The past fortnight has caught up with me. I don't have to work on campus today. At 6.12am, true to this blog, I've just picked up the camera, switched off the alarm, and here I am. I've barely moved...

612, what else matters, at 6.12am
But up and at it shortly, to work on a number of work-related matters and start to blog the Japan trip. I've much material from the trip to sort and digest over the next few days and still have to 'unpack' properly. 

Work, at 6.12pm
By the time the evening comes along I'm finishing off some work before 'pizza night'. I see that a most interesting sounding film, which includes Yamamoto Taro, the recently elected Councillor, is finding it hard to get screen time in Japan. It is a story about what happens to a family and a township following a major nuclear power plant disaster...I guess it is still a little too close to home for some. 

Sugar hit
I've also recovered one of my favourite snacks I've brought back from Japan, karinto, pure sugar hit really, but now in five exciting flavours. Heck, why not. 

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