Sunday, 4 August 2013

Day 225: Anti-nuke demonstrations

Day 225 (19 Jul) Friday. Ah, the week has gone quickly and there remains so much to do. Plans to meet up with one of my Tokyo tweepsters for a coffee and continue to soak up the pre-election atmosphere. 

The light, at 5.12am
(6.12am in Brisbane)
But before that, I can't help but marvel at the early morning light, much as I do at home. It is quite light in the morning and so I thought another contrasting photo with the dark of December might be in order. The the top pic is the sky at 5.12am, 6.12am Brisbane time. The sun's been up for a while. A little more glare and cloud moving in an hour later. 

There clearly isn't going to be a big last minute swing or shift in the election but I am definitely picking up on a 'two-themed' response from voters. Not everyone is in praise of Abenomics, and social issues are just as important. I don't get why people aren't going out to vote.

Vote! Hachiko at Shibuya
Friday afternoon I meet up at Shibuya with tweepster Hiroya Sugita, like me a political scientist and with a sharp knowledge of Australian politics. We actually met almost twenty years ago at my first political science conference in Melbourne. Naturally, conversation will turn to...
One hour later, at 6.12am

We plan to meet at Shibuya station, just by the famous Hachiko statue, who I was pleased to see was decked out in his 'vote on Sunday' gear. Hiroya has a friend who is standing as a candidate for one of the smaller parties so we have an interesting and wide-ranging conversation. Quite good coffee too, though given we were at a high-end European chocolate shop, I probably should have tried a hot chocolate... 

At about 5.00pm, we decide to go and observe the anti-nuke demonstration around parliament house. The protest began after the Fukushima disaster and the protestors have been meeting every Friday at 6.00pm since. (There'll be more on the other blog.) Given that it is 30 years ago since I first studied and wrote about the Japanese anti-nuclear movement, I am intrigued to see yet another one play out. (Another article idea floats up in the back of my mind.)

Nagatacho Station, at 6.12pm
By coincidence, I find myself back on the Yurakucho-sen at 6.12pm, heading down one of the longest escalators in Tokyo. Home to prepare for tomorrow's big day...the last day before the election and a host of candidates speeches to go and watch. 

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