Sunday, 17 March 2013

100 days in: creature of habit? Yep.

So on 15 March, we reached day 100 of this 365 day experiment (or, 612 days, as one dear friend proposed, we'll see). 
The most popular floral emblem in these past fifty days

Time to have a bit of a recap and compare with the first fifty days. Here's a table I prepared earlier: 


The first 50 days
Breakfast/coffee: 5
Making breakfast/lunch: 6
Reading yesterday's paper: 5
Reading today's paper: 0
Just reading: 4
iDevicing/TV: 8
Garden: 2
Feeding the lorikeets: 3
Being kept in the dark: 6
Wake up call: 1
Sunrises: 6
Washing: 3
On my bike (almost): 2
On a plane: 2
612ABC Studio 400: 1

Dinner: 6
Office: 6
Reading: 3
Reading today's paper: 1
iDevicing/TV: 7
Housework: 3
Garden: 2
Sunsets: 3
Commuting: 10 (trains, planes, buses, cars)
Shops: 5
Just passing through...: 4

Days 51 to 100
Garden: 10 (rain)
Inside the house: 4 (rain)
The deck: 4 (rain)
Sunrise: 5 (& artful cloudscapes)
Breakfast: 14
Feeding the birds: 6
Washing: 1
Making lunch: 4
Reading/research: 6
iDevicing: 6
Yesterday’s paper today: 4
Today's paper today: 0
Commuting (planes, trains, buses): 1

Today’s paper today: 1
Inside the house: 2
Dinner: 4
Reading/research: 7
iDevicing: 2
Sunset: 5 (and artful cloudscapes)
Office: 21
Garden (mowing): 3
Washing: 2
Commuting/driving: 2
Commuting (planes, trains, buses): 1
Lectures/seminars: 4
Taking tea: 1
Meetings: 1

612 followers on day 77

It should be noted that over 30 percent of the posts noted the rain, that's pretty wet. Almost 50 percent of 6.12pm posts were taken while I was in or near the office and, since the beginning of semester, more in the classroom too at that time. 

I'm obviously at breakfast mostly at 6.12am still, but multitasking at the same time--iDevicing, or reading or researching as well. It looks like I don't eat dinner very often...actually, I don't. I rarely get to have lunch before 3.00pm so that doubles as dinner. And clearly, I spend too much time in the office, at 6.12pm.

Most notably, I reached 612 followers on twitter on day 77, just to note, in passing. 

I should get out more often. 

On to the next fifty days...

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