Saturday, 23 March 2013

Day 108: Milestones perhaps

Day 108 (23 Mar) It is Saturday. No plays, no rehearsals, no concerts. That can only mean one to visit my mum on the Gold Coast. One of my brothers has an interest in buying my current car too so I'm heading down to give him a look at it. Family of car dealer children--we always have interesting car-related conversations. 

Since I was away for it too, I plan to take mum shopping for her birthday present, which we did. Turns out, the particular item she wanted isn't available until tomorrow, Sunday. I tell her I'll go into town tomorrow to get it...she reminds me I can go on Monday, can't I, after class! Mums remember everything. 

Reading, at 6.12am
I wasn't quite up at 6.12am, preferring to read, as I have become accustomed to doing on those mornings I can. Stanley Fish's How to Write a Sentence...I do enjoy a good book about my craft.

Still, I can't sleep in too long. We're tossing up about whether or not to go and see Manly play the Gold Coast at Robina, so rare to see the team. I do have a terrible jinx on my team though, they always lose when I turn up to watch. We decided against it...difficult access, $35 entry, $7.50 beer etc, didn't sound like a great way to lose money and lose the game. 

Thirty-five years
Good thing we didn't go, got to listen on the radio, but the team lost...GC is my second team so not a complete disaster. 

Part of the chat today was about how long mum has been in that particular house. Turns out to be thirty-five years which is a long time these days. I only lived there for just over two years before I moved out to head to Brisbane and university. Yet it remains the 'family home'. I was thinking about all those sorts of things as I looked over the brother was washing his car and I noticed just how much the 'palm in the driveway' had grown over that made a stunning pic, perspective-wise. 

Contemplation, at 6.12pm
I left for the return trip, listening to the radio...the cricket, then the football. The temperature seemed to rise late in the day and it hasn't quite settled yet, this evening. (This is verified by similar querying tweets from the Brisbane tweepsters.)

I've been here working away, which is what I was doing at 6.12pm. Reading and thinking about my work, and thinking about those milestones that mark much of our lives.  

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