Saturday, 9 March 2013

Day 93: Ross Noble, comedian and a dancing dog (not the comedy act)

Day 93 (8 Mar) Although I've barely managed to get to sleep, I'm up and at it to get into the city by 7am for Spencer Howson's Breakfast Show in the foyer of the ABC building. He has a couple of people coming in, including a comedian by the name of Ross Noble. Now, to be honest, I didn't really know him, nor was I expecting a lot from the dancing dog (a unrelated act). But this is the Breakfast Show, it's in the foyer and it is a chance to catch up with some of the #612tweepsters in real life. And that's why we do these things.

At the bus stop, at 6.12am
Morning Brisbane
As I went to sleep I imagined getting into the building at 6.12am for the morning photo. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Got to the bus stop at 6.12am though so just two buses behind schedule. Still, the sun is up, that brilliant morning glare and, that's right, we've not seen much of that lately. The few times I have been in the city at sunrise it makes for lovely lovely views. The clouds this morning had that wonderfully scatty look about them over the Brisbane skyline. I can see an early morning photography project coming on. 

All went by in a blur
The show went well, Ross Noble was quite clever in that droll sort of way that some comedians do well and the dancing's something I prepared for you to consider.

It was a lovely morning with time to catch up with tweepsters and ABC staff including Spencer, Scott Spark and our favourite newsreader, Shelley Lloyd. It was also the day before Spencer's birthday, so a lovely morning. Well done all.

I had planned to go over to the city to retrieve a problematic iTunes card I'd bought my brother a couple of weeks earlier. He sent an email just a couple of hours earlier to say he'd managed to have it seen to and so I didn't need to cross the river. I opted to catch the bus back home and resume the day's work. 

Turned out to be a fortuitous decision. Just at that time, Queen Street Mall went into 'lockdown' mode, completely shutdown as police had to apprehend a clearly troubled person. I was home by the time it was well underway. I watched with some trepidation as it unfolded on twitter and live reports on the radio. Some of the reporting and eyewitness accounts went dangerously across some lines I think. At times like this, I can't help but recall a knife attack we watched live on Japanese news many many years ago. The cameramen later claimed they didn't expect to capture a murder raised all sorts of ethics questions--should they have stopped, intervened, was it simply their job to keep filming? There are so many lines crossed and redrawn in these situations. 

Reading ahead, at 6.12pm
By 6.12pm, I was listening to the news, having spent the afternoon concentrating on work while Drive presenter Tim Cox continued to run a whole afternoon of Broncos news--25 years since they entered the comp against, you guessed it, Manly. No we haven't forgotten that game but nor do we need reminding. Still some fun banter had all round. He does alright for a North Sydney Bears tragic. 

I was about to head off to the beer and pizza Friday night when I took this shot...just trying to catch up on some negative sleep hours. 

Manly won, by the way. Hehe. 

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