Monday, 11 March 2013

Day 96: If it is Monday, it must be South Bank day

Day 96 (11 Mar) If it is Monday, it must be South Bank day. I look forward to all the lectures I do in first-year politics but today is one of my favourites: politics, media, political communication, journalists, PR...exciting stuff. I played in the big sandpit for a while, watched from the sidelines, have a minor role these days as an occasional commentator on radio, so I bring a bit more than a mere 'textbook' approach. I do think that media and politics and our perceptions thereof are inextricably linked when it comes to understanding, appreciating and/or participating in our political system. There's a lot to be said about engagement. 

A slightly different angle,
but it is coffee, at 6.12am
But, to the beginning of the day, had some pre-work work to do and at 6.12am I found myself pouring the coffee while the alarm went off. I've even caught the steam. At just the same time, the kookaburras from the other day returned. There is something about them that just makes me sing early in the morning. Not quite as many as the other day, but their silhouette against the sunrise is just the sort of start to the day I like. So yes, more kookas join the blog.  

Kookaburras 6.12am-ish
A lecture on politics and media will require real-life props so I have to go and buy the papers (because of course I don't normally...hehe) and read through them to seek out good examples for class. Indeed, one of the weekend colour magazines had a nice and timely example of a 'puff piece' on South Australian Greens senator, Senator Hanson-Young. She is in danger of not retaining her seat next election so...let the articles begin. 

Two good examples too on the Fairfax SMH and the News Ltd Australian; the NSW-focussed story on the ICAC hearing on a former NSW politician but one that drew in former premiers in Iemma and Carr in the SMH; and an analysis of the WA election over the weekend where the Liberal Party retained government in the national daily.

All good stuff. I also managed to meet up with friend and tweepster Susan Hetherington (yes, her blog yesterday) for a quick early lunch. Susan lectures in journalism so presents the 'other' side of the politics/media conundrum. As always, nothing is ever cut and dried, black and white. (Though these days, it is never 'shades of grey'.)

A smaller class today but that offers the chance to do some things in more detail, taking time to stop along the way to explain, discuss, compare. It is a luxury to teach small classes I realise, but a pleasure nonetheless. 

An angle at South Bank, at 6.12pm
After class, it was back to the desk-space to follow up on a couple of matters on behalf of the students, catch up on emails which came through while I was away before planning to head back home to tackle the work awaiting there (a couple of reports and reviews to write as well as prepare tomorrow's classes). As I left the building at 6.12pm the sun was on its way down and I walk out to face this building which houses student accommodation. I've often seen it from the busway but I do like it up close. Urban landscape is one of my favourite photographic subjects and I think I will be back to do more. It's the bold green patterns I like. 

Coming home on the bus I caught up with the news that four Australian cricketers were dropped from the team for not submitting homework, or somesuch. Oh my, has it come to this? 

Media is ubiquitous, we all use it, we are all engaged or otherwise by it. It is something I'm never short of material to discuss anyway. Unlike the Boomtown Rats of my youth, I do like Mondays.

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