Monday, 25 March 2013

Day 110: Intriguing day...

Day 110 (25 Mar) The Easter week and shorter working week crept up on the end of this week is the mid-semester break. It always coincides with the Easter holidays. This year it is quite early in the semester, I'm not really ready for a 'break'. It also means a long 'second-half' of the semester. Nonetheless, it will be time to catch up and prepare for my Chicago conference. 

The boids, at 6.12am
So Monday is South Bank day which means a slightly easier start to the day. Had a bit of time to feed the birds, smell the roses...oh, not the roses, I pruned them yesterday. Still, time to look at the storm damage in the light of day. Not too much thankfully. At 6.12am, it indeed time to feed the lorikeets. I'm still keeping an eye out for the king parrots my neighbour spotted the other day, no luck yet. I know, for most people, a slower start might mean a sleep in...not in this household though. 

Intriguing markings...
One survivor from Sunday's storm was a moth which found its way into the house. Intriguing markings. 

Once I've arrived at the South Bank office and prepared, I like to step out outside before the three hour session starts at 1.00. I have to be careful not to take my big camera on a work day, I reckon I could fill a mega-card with photos without too many problems (and run the risk of not getting back to class in time). Still, it is nice to step out, do a bit of people-watching, pick up the papers before class. Fresh air is always good too. And there is water...which I like. 

Of course, teaching politics is never dull. Last week was all about the prime minister and cabinet...the lecture I mean; turned out to be THE news as well. Today we were due to turn our attention to the institution of parliament and the lecture was timed to start about the time the Prime Minister Julia Gillard was announcing the Cabinet about lecturing the live action as it is happening. It adds colour. 

The setting sun, at 6.12pm
My return trip was via the city, to pick up my something for my mother...the department store website said it was open to 7.00, odd, I thought but nonetheless I thought I'd give it a shot. Bad decision: buses were held up for some reason, city was crowded and said department store was closed at 5.35, when I got there, eventually. 

Still, it meant I alighted from the bus at 6.11 and at 6.12pm I was walking home in the fading light thinking how nice it was I didn't have a 100km drive home ahead (and nor did I have to take a photo in the bus). I need to see more sunsets I reckon. 

And so, to our new Cabinet: the tertiary education sector seems to have missed out again. The Trade Minister Dr Craig Emerson has had it added to his portfolio, along with Sharon Bird taking on the 'Higher Education and Skills' portfolio...that's a finessing of of a sector I will have to focus on tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, this is day 110/365...I feel like I'm getting there. Thanks for coming along this far with me.

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