Friday, 29 March 2013

Day 112: #lifeofalecturer

Sunrise, Brisbane
Day 112 (27 Mar) Wednesday, just another day at the office. Well, it's easy to say that but hard to believe when you see the burst of colour through the clouds so early in the morning. It won't be long before the 6.12am photos find themselves in the dark so I'm going to take advantage of the early morning light while I can. This was just before 6am and the colour was gone as quickly as I could tweet it, I mean, photograph it. 

The weather remains mostly fine but showery. A bit annoying to drive through especially the return journey. 

Breakfast and media,
at 6.12am
Today is also the 'About Japan' course day, looking at the way war and memory play out in contemporary East Asian politics and society. It is a opportunity to deal in some depth with two of my favourite Japan historians in Tessa Morris-Suzuki and John Dower. The work of these two is without peer (except each other perhaps...if we are to take the expression literally) and also an avenue to explore how visual images capture so much of what is 'memory' when it comes to major events. So the morning breakfast time, at 6.12am, is a multi-skilling affair reviewing available media that might provide some further insight to examples I might want to give. 

Today's flow of reading and class preparation is interrupted by a lengthy staff meeting. Two hours. Yes... 

Tute time, at 6.12pm
To the evening's class, and the students in the class are invited to present their own topics of interest in the tutorial program. My intention is that they are given the opportunity think about and design their own research project. In the tutes then, they present their work and tonight is the first one which is what we were doing at 6.12pm. Still early days in the course so the tutes are similarly exploratory in the topic selection. Tonight sat nicely with the lecture presentation on the territorial disputes between Japan and China and Korea. Good timing. 

I spend much more time at the office than is healthy but later in the night is preferable and optimal for getting work done. I'm also considering what to do with a stack of leave that is due. I might just take it. i could get a lot of writing done.

It's a late return but that is, as we say on twitter, the #lifeofalecturer. 

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