Sunday, 17 March 2013

Day 101: Mega-play day, and Kevin...

Day 101 (16 Mar) Today is a mega-play day Saturday. Just occasionally my play and concert commitments coincide and today I have the addition of a morning start with @toddocracy at Riverbend Books...shall I make it to the end?

Mr Rudd, and fan.
So the start of the day was early, breakfast was at 7.30 for 8.00 at the famous Bulimba bookshop, in the heart of Kevin country, the seat of Griffith. With the pseudo-campaign underway, I'm quite interested in watching what goes on here in Griffith between incumbent Rudd and challenger Bill Glasson (see yesterday's furore). Mr Rudd was engaged to launch the latest book of former staffer and man tagged with the moniker 'Labor historian' Troy Bramston. Entitled True Believers, it is a collection of significant Labor prime minister speeches over the years. Mr Rudd's 'Sorry' speech was included so that might have been part of the reason why he was asked to launch it. Funny, I would have thought it more appropriate, if this wasn't political game-playing, to have the incumbent Prime Minister launch the book...but there may be launches elsewhere, which do just that. I shall reserve further comment for the other blog. 

Sun light, at 6.12am
Even when I am due to go out to have breakfast, I tend to have breakfast before I leave the house, just conditioning and the habit of breakfast at, as we know, 6.12am...I noted this morning that the sunrise light is changing subtly and it won't be long before the 6.12am pics will be quite dark. Still, it is a nice touch of colour at this time of day, worth capturing I thought. 

Coming on top of two intensive days in Melbourne, a day with four engagements means one will probably go by the wayside. Today, unfortunately, that meant clarinet rehearsal, if I was going to get to the play, and the concert later that night. 

The play was the current QTC play, End of the Rainbow, a story on the last months of Judy Garland. Magnificent performances by Christen O'Leary, Hayden Spencer and Anthony Standish...and a live band, aways a bonus. Bravo to all concerned. Lovely to bump into ABC producer and musician Scott Spark and his mum in the foyer. 

Sun light, at 6.12pm 
Home briefly, then a turnaround to head back to QPAC to see Piers Lane play Mozart. As I have noted elsewhere, Piers lane is one of those pianists you'd pay to watch tap out a tune on the kitchen table. Another marvellous performance. Shostakovich 7th was the other work on the night. Always enjoy a bit of Shosta. 

I was picking up a friend at her place on the way in and I managed to capture the sun light at 6.12pm. My friend lives in one of those inner-city streets that has so much character and a marvellous view towards the west, where the sun was headed at this time. 

A mega day of sorts, that means of course, that Sunday will be busy with class prep...but there you go, the #lifeofalecturer...

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