Friday, 29 March 2013

Day 114: Good. Friday. Or not.

Day 114 (29 Mar) Good Friday, which is good. I had plans...plans to write, think, read, reflect. The exercise regime of a wannabe academic. However, I barely got out of first gear. 

Last night, as regular readers will know, was the usual late return from work, well, not too late, I was home before 12midnight. Still, with a public holiday to hand I was ready for a bit of a sleep in, though I am always alert and alarmed for the 6.12 photo opportunity, even on holidays. 

A 'reverse Hadfield' at 6.12am
No, a 4am phone call from a relative in the US jolted me out of my relative slumber. There you go, such is life as they say. Nonetheless, although I didn't quite get back to sleep, it allowed me to be up and at it for the marvellous morning sky at 6.12am. There's a fellow floating around the world in the International Space Station, Commander Hadfield and he sends these marvellous, marvellous photos back to we mere mortals on earth. This morning's photo however, was one I'd like o send him...when we're looking up and marvelling at his work, this is what it looks like from our side of the many-layered atmosphere. 

In that questionnaire where they ask 'what would you most like to do if you could?', I generally answer florist, though I don't really know why. Sometimes however, I'd like to be Commander Hadfield, just for the photographic opportunities. 

Yeah, 6.12pm
So, I have to say, running on about three hours sleep, I barely got out of first gear today. When it became apparent that I wasn't going to get the work done I planned to do, I sort of gave in to the day. I did do some reading and thinking, I reckon the writing might come tomorrow. 

At 6.12pm, the computer was up and running, the reading was happening and I was thinking. I was also whiling away a little time on the was a good Friday. Cheers. 

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