Sunday, 17 March 2013

Day 102: Washing day and #612bluesky

#612bluesky, Sunday
Day 102 (17 Mar) Sunday, a day where, I recently remarked to a friend, I always have to do three days worth of work in one, especially when I've had two days in Melbourne...and a mega-play day Saturday. 

Nonetheless, today is also the first day in ages for a proper washing day with clothes on the line, in the sun. It's lovely. More loads than usual so it was up and at it early. Since this #project365 is also part photographic exercise, and I have an interest in photographing light (as the dear reader will be aware) it just so happened that I was in the same place at the same time as yesterday's 6.12am. Is there yet a discernible difference in the light at this time of day...a little, I think, if you look hard enough. 
Sunday morning, at 6.12am

I plan to do much writing today. Still mostly tying up some earlier administrative tasks but they will be done soon enough. I'm looking forward to writing the things I want to write, soon. (The next big piece is finishing my Chicago conference paper...the countdown is on.)

There is a lovely sidetrack that comes with the blue skies and sunshine too, and it is another part of the 612 ABC radio community that makes it special. Breakfast presenter @SpencerHowson last year, during the onset of winter, commented on the 'artistic effect' a blue sky can have in photos, especially when you put just a small element of another subject in it. Of course, the 612ers have taken to the task with gusto (as we do) and over the year, under the hashtag #612bluesky, there have been some truly spectacular photos. Have a look for yourself. 

The amateur photographer in me enjoys the challenge and today I managed to capture one. A large fly-like insect on the clothesline, just where I was going to put the sheets. 

Mowing has its rewards,
at 6.12pm
So it was a day of writing and reading mostly, though towards the end of the day came time to mow the lawn, a favourite chore, as I have previously discussed. It means rewards at the end of the day, which is indeed what I found myself doing, having a break before the night's writing began...

Oh, Manly won, 32-0, against the Knights. 

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