Saturday, 9 March 2013

Day 94: Ya gotta laugh sometimes

Day 94 (9 Mar) Saturday, play day. And after the week that was, there is definitely some slowness built in to the day. Despite my best efforts on the weekend, early weekday starts do have me conditioned to waking early. 

In the tree, at 6.12am...
In the last few weeks that has generally been to the sound of rain. This morning however was to that most Australian of wake-up calls, the kookaburra chorus. I have a lovely big tree out the back in which they like to perch. This morning there must have been about ten at their peak. Love the ruckus. It was 6.12am when I got out to try and capture them, photographically-speaking of course. very own 6.12am alarm clock, thank you.
No serious things today except for reading the papers, getting some writing done and heading to a movie with a friend. We're off to see Academy Award-winning film Argo, about the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979-1980. I actually do have a 15 year-old's recollection of the events at the time and of course I have subsequently considered it as part of the material I teach in International Security. It was OK. Academy Award-winning though? I preferred Lincoln I have to say. I'd like to see the film recast from the Canadian point of view I think. The postscript about this event being a great example of international cooperation between states? A bit of an overstatement perhaps. I suspect it might have won on the basis of the portrayal by John Goodman and Alan Arkin of John Chambers and Lester Siegel respectively as a couple of Hollywood dudes that the members of the Academy could all recognise...I know, it's just a movie...still. Oh, quite liked the brief Dire Straits riff in there for a moment.

Curry puffs, in lieu of a sunset,
at 6.12pm
After the movie, to dinner at a newish Thai restaurant just down the road from the cinema. That's where we were at 6.12pm although I did take note of Spencer Howson's suggestion earlier this morning that the sun would set at 6.12pm. I looked, but you couldn't see the sun for the clouds (again). 

As I write, counting for the Western Australian election is underway. The early figures are looking likely for a strong return for the incumbent government. I must away, there's psephology to be done. 

And that's not a laughing matter. 

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