Friday, 29 March 2013

Day 113: Fade to autumn

Brisbane, early morn
Day 113 (28 Mar) The Thursday before Good Friday and the mid-semester break. Curious timing. Trying to hold student interest in classes on the eve of a long break is always a challenge. There was another crisp and spectacular start to the day this morning and though I'd been up for a couple of hours by the time this light came through it was worth taking in I thought. 

It was taken about the same time as yesterday's photo and I am just amazed by the differences in the light and colour. Even if I didn't have to be up early for work, I still reckon I'd be an early riser, just for the beginning of the day. 

Fade to autumn, at 6.12am
Found myself at 6.12am watering the bonsai, starting to give a little less water as the leaves begin to fade to autumn...funny how this plant keeps its seasons while others don't. The loris are squawking as well...must attend to them too. 

Inside the classroom,
looking out, at 6.12pm
Thereafter, it is 'hit the road' time, the last for a few days at least. The first year students are giving their first presentations tonight and the group at 6.00pm is a smallish one. Given that the focus of this week is their presentations, we aim to finish a little earlier than usual, which should give us all an extra hour. That will be an extra hour in the office for me and I try to finish up some work. The Chicago trip is drawing closer and there is still a fair bit to do. I eventually leave and head home. The idea of long service leave is seemingly more and more appealing after each late night. 

Tomorrow the break from teaching begins but the work won't rest. 

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