Sunday, 2 March 2014

Day 265: This multitasking life...

Day 265 (28 Aug) Wednesday.

Sometimes when I look back over this record (which was started just to see whether or not I was a creature of habit), with just 100 days to go, it is apparent that a) I do do pretty much the same things each day and b) perhaps sometimes I try to do too much...

Brekkie, etc, at 6.12am
So it was at breakfast at 6.12am where I find myself eating, reading yesterday's paper, watching the timeline and, of course,  listening to the AM program in the background. Oh, not to mention, taking a pic at this point...

Tute time, at 6.12pm
That's something of what appears to be a contrast at 6.12pm, where I am reading, apparently. Well, reading and listening and assessing a student presentation in a tute; the discussion moderation comes shortly. We've progressed some of the way through the Dower text, the students are starting to make sense of it and their discussion and analysis is developing along nicely. It's a satisfying job at times.

Back to the office a little later to finish up. Tonight I left around 10.00pm, not unusual. Back tomorrow, for more.  

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