Friday, 7 March 2014

Day 274: The day before...

All about Deakin, Alfred
 Day 274 (6 Sept) Friday.

Breakfast, at 6.12am
Early specialist appointment to ensure that all I am doing to help prop up the medical profession is proceeding along nicely thanks very much...I prefer to go early, it gets it out of the way and the propensity for my specialist to be on time diminishes as the day proceeds... (I guess that can be important, if there are serious things to discover). 

Still, even though a small sleep in is warranted after a late night, it never quite happens that way. Breakfast is served, at 6.12am.

During the day, a lovely surprise in the form of a book written by one of my former professors in Japan. It's a book on Alfred Deakin, timely given the election is tomorrow and I've recently bene reflecting on the period of the last decade of the 1890s as critical to Australia's political development and Alfred Deakin was a part of that. It will be interesting to see it from a Japanese perspective. 

Through a glass...
at 6.12pm
Evening, at 6.12pm, and I am at home, with time to sit and contemplate much ado about politics, including this recently published text on leadership. So read, I must, for tomorrow there be an election.


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