Sunday, 2 March 2014

Day 266: Take yesterday, rinse, repeat...

Day 266 (29 Aug) Thursday.

Coffee essentials, at 6.12am
Yes, another day to hit what has become known on twitter as #theBruce...the Bruce Highway. It is usually why I find myself having breakfast at 6.12am, to be out the door before 6.45am and the worst of the traffic. 

Just as I leave however, I see my local member is spruiking his candidacy in the forthcoming election. His Rudd Reports are regular features in our post boxes, and they make useful resources for my teaching (always seek the silver lining...) 

Further meetings and tutes and lectures in the other politics course today: International Security. We are reading the same Dower text in the tutorials (it has interesting and relevant cross-over) and I'm interested in the way students are reading the text, depending on whether they are doing one or 
both of the relevant courses. 

Twelve hours down, with four hours to go,
at 6.12pm
With appointments in Brisbane tomorrow, I won't be up the Coast again until Monday. So although I'm in my office at 6.12pm, just after the lecture, there is another four hours or so of work to complete before I leave. The day isn't quite over yet...

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