Sunday, 2 March 2014

Day 270: Lining up all the duck(ling)s.

Mother duck said, quack, quack, quack, quack
Day 270 (2 Sept) Monday. 

Early/late chores, at 6.12am
Visiting mum yesterday meant not quite finishing all the necessary Sunday chores, including the washing. So while I was waiting for the porridge to cook, I went out to brings the washing in. I have one of those very handy Japanese clothes hangers which comes in quite handy during inclement weather. 

Cuppa, art deco, at 6.12pm
Arriving at work, well, as you can see, working amidst a wildlife reserve does have its rewards. Ma, Pa and bay ducks all traipsed across the campus this fine morning. It's a regular scene around our place...not to mention the joeys which start to come out around now too.

With classes and meetings done, I just had to call in to catch up with my friend to see how she is progressing and have a cuppa before orchestra rehearsal. 

Home again, before it all starts again tomorrow. I'm beginning to suspect, one so committed to an actual timetable, probably shouldn't undertake a project to see how 'same, same' or 'different' one's everyday life might be...

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