Friday, 7 March 2014

Day 271: A little rain, a long day.

Day 271 (3 Sept) Tuesday.

A little rain, at 6.12am
A wet start to a long day. Union matters take up a good part of the morning and individual student research projects in the afternoon, very intense. 

The dull reflection of the rain-soaked timber makes a sort of picturesque start to the day at 6.12am. The bonsai still needs watering (not enough in the way of rain to disturb it) while the breakfast cooks. 

By 6.12pm, it is time enough (just) to be looking over and doing last minute revisions to notes for classes still to conduct this week. It is really the only time one gets to do this type of work. 
The office, at 6.12pm

A clear run home at least this evening, with the usual Caboolture's become part of the routine. 

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