Sunday, 2 March 2014

Day 269: Time to visit.

Bella puppy!
 Day 269 (1 Sept) Sunday.

September. Spring. One week out from the federal election. I've decided to head down to visit mum. She has a new pup and she is quite an attraction. It's always nice to visit anyway, for no particular, after all, you shouldn't need reasons to visit your mum. 
Light, at 6.12am

It's a reasonably pleasant day today with a bit of a chance to compare the day's beginning and end (though sunset wasn't quite 6.12pm). 

In between, it was playing with Bella, sitting and chatting, popping down the road as we tend to do and just basically doing very little. 

Light, at the other end.

Catching up, at 6.12pm

Home at 6.12pm was time to rest and catch up on  reading, think about tomorrow's classes and meetings, indeed, the week ahead--including the election. I've been asked to spend a bit of time on one of the local booths on behalf of the union...I haven't done that for a loooonng time. I'll be observing things electoral quite closely this week.

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