Sunday, 2 March 2014

Day 268: A well-tempered start

Down the bonsai trunk....
Day 268 (31 Aug) Saturday.

Through the window, wondering,
at 6.12am
Nothing in the diary today although that doesn't always translate into a break from work. But it can mean a bit of a lie in so at 6.12am, that is just what I was doing, listening to the radio and thinking about the plans for the day. A few minutes later, I was watering the bonsai, and playing with the perspective...

Through another glass,
at 6.12pm.
Part of it would be marking, preparing classes, doing admin; part of it would be going around to check up on my friend, do shopping or whatever needs to be done. 

And by the evening, at 6.12pm, it as sitting down to do some catch-up reading. There is always something that turns up during the semester that has material worth including in the lectures. 


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