Friday, 7 March 2014

Day 272: Work, bookended by, work.

Day 272 (4 Sept) Wednesday

Get going, at 6.12am
Now we are well into the semester, there is little shifting from a very set pattern, timetabled as it were, from Monday to Friday. At 6.12am, there were some final adjustments to be made to today's lectures while, at 6.12pm, we had moved on to the next chapter in the Dower text, one that looked at images of propaganda during World War Two. For some of the students, it was the first time to see these sorts of images and to engage in what could be, at times, a challenging discussion. They did well.

We also had a school meeting, the last bastion in the corporatised university, for collegial supportive decisionmaking. Well, no, not really anymore. There's usually someone from on high telling us how to do things and we shall brook no dissent. For this is what has become of the modern university...
Dower discussion, at 6.12pm

Good thing I have a late finish to the evening and a long drive back down the Bruce could get angry otherwise.

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