Sunday, 2 March 2014

Day 267: A taxing time.

There shall be dancing, in the sunlight
 Day 267 (30 Aug) Friday.

Light, at 6.12am
Tax. Taxing. Lovely play on words really isn't it. Today I have an appointment today with the taxation people (tax time) right after I take the next dose of the infusion medication (taxing) and in between get to friend in hospital and see my own doctor...good thing I only had a 19 hour day yesterday...

Convalescence, at 6.12pm
So given I didn't have to 'rush off' until a little later, giving me time to 'smell the roses' or at least observe the light and shade in the bougainvillaea. By the time 6.12pm came around, it was back at my friend's place, checking up on her convalescence and seeing that our colleagues were doing the right thing by her after all...

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