Monday, 1 April 2013

Day 117: Strictly for the light and shade crowd

Day 117 (1 Apr) Easter Monday AND April Fools Day, and so, on the third day he rose and it was an April Fools Day joke? Probably in bad taste I suppose, but there you go, blame it on the chocolate hangover. 

Today is a photo shoot strictly for the photography folk. Apart from ducking out briefly to get some groceries, today was mostly about being at home working on a couple of papers and thinking about the next book I want to write (once I've sent the current one off to the publishers). I was also thinking about my year off next year and all the writing I should be able to do then. 

The morning, at 6.12am
and, at 7.12am

When the opportunity arises, I like to try and capture the 'same' shot across the day to observe the change in light and shadows. Today, after I took the mandatory 6.12am shot, I found myself outdoors again at 7.12am and the contrast in the light was quite noticeable.  

Darkness falls
(no enhancement), at 6.12pm
and an hour earlier,
at 5.12pm
Into the second month of autumn now and it is considerably darker at 6.12pm too. I was in a position to take a shot at 5.12pm which is what 6.12pm had been looking like until quite recently. 

And so, for those of us who like the subtlety of light and dark, four pics to compare and contrast. Enjoy. It's back to work tomorrow. 

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