Sunday, 28 April 2013

Day 143: A later start

Some of the kookas
Day 143 (28 Apr) Sunday. A later start though the 6.12 alarm did go off...just to be sure. It is a truly lovely time weather-wise here in Brisbane: blue skies, pleasant temperatures, lots to do. 

Through the window,
at 6.12am
There's just enough light still coming through the window at that time to offer some interesting light and lines. It won't be long before there'll be almost no light, for a few weeks at least. Let's take it in while it lasts...

The kookaburras perched in the old gum tree not long afterwards got me up and at it, and really, the fruit phone was a little inadequate in capturing the eight in the tree...marvellous morning starts. It got me out and about clicking today, and there is a day 143 + alpha post following which captures some of the day: at home and at Manly, where I decided to go for a stroll with camera in hand. 

And the loris came
for breakfast
Shopping, at 6.12pm
There's also some work to do, classes to prepare...the extra hours start in full this week so busy times ahead until the end of the semester. At 6.12pm, I was shopping for a few things. I used to push trolleys around many years ago as a checkout operator...many years ago. Funny how I found myself walking past them, at 6.12pm. 

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