Thursday, 25 April 2013

Day 133: Went faster than 16 April

Day 133 (18 Apr) A long day ahead of assessment and teaching. That is all really. Second-year students are giving their first presentations with a follow-up interview. The assessment starts at 8.00am and continues through until my 6.00pm class which in turn runs for three hours. Chicago? Conference ? Wha? If anything else happened today, I probably didn't get time to notice it...

News, at 6.12am
The office, but a different
angle, at 6.12pm
So 6.12am was catching up a little on local news from the week as well as what news I could glean from other sources. And at 6.12pm, it was a brief pause in the office between commitments before the next class got underway. Found my way home eventually, sometime past midnight. 

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