Sunday, 21 April 2013

Day 125: Today, Sippy Downs, tomorrow, Chicago >> go...

Day 125 (9 Apr) Tuesday, the day before I leave for Chicago but still with much work to do. I have classes as usual and a couple of meetings. I've also got some important decisions to make re the blog...jumping time zones all over the place...what will become of that?

Last drinks, for a while,
at 6.12am
Still, at 6.12am, it's back to the everyday... feeding the birds, watering the plants. Much news is flowing through following the death of Margaret Thatcher. I'm reluctant to suggest one person was responsible for huge social change but having read Hayek and followed her career...well, her legacy that there is 'no such thing as society' resonates through the decades. Last chance to water the bonsai for a few days too, wondering where I'll put it while I'm away. 
A palette, just before 6.00am

A little bit earlier there was a glorious palette of colour in the sky just before 6.00am. It was too nice to let it slide through. 

I've not yet packed (plenty of time for that, I'm not leaving until 8.00am tomorrow after all) and I'm not entirely satisfied with the present version of the paper I'm due to present in a couple of days half way around the world. Not a lot of time to think of that though so it's off to work. 

Out the door, on to Chicago,
at 6.12pm
I work through the day and have dinner with a colleague before I leave. I get home at a time that makes me wonder whether I should pack now or get up early...I'm an early riser after all. After so many months in the planning and anticipation, it is time to head to the Midwest Political Science Association 71st Annual Conference. We're also about to have two 10 Aprils on the blog...get ready for the time warp. 

At 6.12pm then, it was a matter of ensuring all was in readiness to leave the office for a week: email message, sign on the door, itinerary, ticket, e-visa confirmation...all ready to go. 

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