Sunday, 28 April 2013

Day 141: To work, to see the full moon

Day 141 (26 Apr) Another (unexpected) day at the office, inasmuch as I try to work at home on Fridays, but yet again, the campus called. It was a day of meetings from 10am to 3.30pm...really. 

Briefcase, at 6.12am
It was a little earlier start than usual two because I was picking up and commuting with colleagues. So at 6.12am, I was actually checking my bag and getting ready to leave. Breakfast, plants watered, birds fed and done as I went out the door just after this.

 With the next round of bargaining about to commence at my university, today was a day of meeting with staff to discuss issues of concern. I'm not the first to suggest that there are particular difficulties in the sector in terms of job security, work intensification and future directions. The rich are richly rewarded, the poor soldier on. The community of scholars and scholarship is becoming ever-diluted as we are forced to compete for diminishing resources. It is not the sector I entered many years ago. Still, it was a useful day to talk with colleagues about the things that we can try and restore, we hope. 

Moon rising, at 6.12pm
At the end of the staff meetings, I had a couple of meetings with students but in the meantime I was called by our media people to speak to SunCoast channel 7 which was interested in the latest ventures of Clive Palmer. Mr Palmer had announced his intention to run as a candidate in the forthcoming election. He has announced his party, the (rebirth, again) of the United Australia Party and in the space of the few hours of his interview on ABC on Thursday night he went from not wanting to be prime minister to intending to become PM. 

And a little later
Now TV interviews are somewhat different from radio interviews anyway, and this wasn't my first TV interview by any means, but the first where the cameraman was the interviewer as well as filming, hold the mic, asking the questions. I'm not supposed to look at the camera in these situations but I had to marvel at his multiskilling.

Reward at the end of the day was the moonrise at 6.12pm and the light it cast through the clouds a little while later once I returned home. Full moon today...explains a lot, really. 

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