Thursday, 25 April 2013

Day 132: No time for jetlag...

Sunrise, Brisbane Airport, at 6.12am
Day 132 (17 Apr) With 16 April lost somewhere during the transition through the international dateline, it is a reasonably neat landing, just 20 minutes overdue at Brisbane International Airport, around 5.20am. Customs and immigration is a reasonably quick process (thankfully) and then it is home though not before a short call from 612ABC producer Scott Spark to see if there as anything I could add to the Boston Marathon bombing overnight. 

I'm due to teach at 4pm this afternoon. Seems odd. But being at the airport (in the carpark) just at 6.12am offers a perfect sunrise shot through the mesh. One could tackle anything after a start like this...

Home and a quick turnaround, up the coast to prepare for this evening's class. At 6.12pm we were listening to student presentations and we had shared some chocolate from Chicago. I still wasn't feeling tired and just pressed on like it was an ordinary day. Still it did feel a bit odd to think I had been walking the streets of Chicago 24 hours earlier. 

Class, at 6.12pm
A sado...what?
Chicago souvenirs
Home again to unpack, only to find in my suitcase a notice from US Homeland Security to say they had opened my case and searched through my belongings. As someone who teaches in the area of international security and therefore terrorism, I've raised eyebrows previously with my choice of reading material on planes. I don't know what security would have made of my conference haul. 

Still, I made it and it was nice to be home again. Until next conference, next year. 

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