Monday, 29 April 2013

Day 144: A 6.12am sunrise (sort of)

A reason to be up early
Day 144 (29 Apr) Monday, South Bank day. Buses, not driving. It is also the morning that the sun rises at 6.12am...if I'd been better prepared, I could have gone where the actual sunrise could be seen. Instead, it is the light from my back door at 6.12am. Besides, I was also making coffee at the same time, and those who enjoy their coffee will know that very few things get in the way of a morning coffee...not even a time-themed photo-a-day blog exercise. 

My actual 6.12am

I also had more visitors of the weekend kind, I think the kookas have returned just to have their photos taken. 
And somewhere over
the hill, the sun at 6.12am

A little extra time this morning therefore I could give some thought to adding the Clive Palmer story to today's lecture. One of the things about the subjects I teach is the immediacy of the day-to-day and the challenge to relate that to the textbook content. Mr Palmer, with his party helped us today on two levels: last week we talked about minor parties and independents and the role they play; today we planned to talk a little about the history of our two major parties, the Labor Party and the Liberal Party and their antecedents, including the United Australia Party, Mr Palmer's proposed party. We worked through the requirements to register the party, and the fact he will need to do it by 13 May, if he is going to be registered in time for the 14 September election...thanks Mr Palmer, kind of. 

Sun setting, at 5.12pm
A steamy dinner, at 6.12pm
A South Bank day always means a return home in daylight, though that is fading fast now. Indeed, at 5.12pm, just as I got to my front door, there was a hazy pink hue in the western sky...the little fruit phone camera never quite captures the colours but I also liked the silhouette effect of the plants. At 6.12pm, unusually, I was actually cooking something for dinner, shock, horror...

Tomorrow, we do it all again...

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