Sunday, 21 April 2013

Day 126/7: 10 April, the second...

Day 126/7 (10 Apr, again) This 'day' is about transfers. At 6.12am Los Angeles time (which is 11.00pm Brisbane time [I think]) we are preparing for landing, which is what everyone was doing. I have another few hours ahead of me with the connection to Chicago due to leave in a couple of hours. I should make it in time for the reception for the conference. 

Preparing for landing and my
second 6.12am today, 10/4
Passing though customs and immigration goes reasonably smoothly. Airport officers have instructed those of us with early connection times to expedite our run through customs. Works for me. I've transferred through LA Airport before so the move across to the domestic terminal is hassle-free...a couple of minutes walk as a matter of fact. 

I get there to find that all flights in and out of Chicago are delayed, initially by 30 minutes, then by 45 and eventually two hours after getting in to LAX, we board for Chicago. Flight time and another timezone change means now I am unlikely to make the welcome reception...oh, well, I should probably sleep or something, isn't that what' supposed to happen on these overseas trips? 

O'Hare airport, 6.12pm, mark II
And so it was that once we had landed and I collected my bags and sought out the downtown transfer, I was sitting in the shuttle bus at 6.12pm on the evening of my second 10 April. So instead of an exciting 'me at the reception' pic, we have me stuck in transit at Chicago's O'Hare airport...still, I've made it and I'm looking forward to encountering a hotel full of polsci geeks, some 5000 or more of us I'm led to believe. 

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