Thursday, 4 April 2013

Day 119: Seeds of industriousness

Day 119 (3 Apr) Another day to complete work at work...yes, a deliberate play on words. The corridors are quiet and there are no meetings scheduled so there is a very good chance I will catch up on more things to be caught. And I almost do. 

The loris, at 6.12am
There was much busy-ness before that though, not necessarily by me since I was simply feeding the loris at 6.12am but around the corner the ants were at their typically industrious  best. Not sure why or how they found the palm frond  the best way to travel, but there they were. I was, momentarily, transfixed. 

...and the industriousness of ants just around the corner.
I've always had a bit of a fascination with ants -- I had an 'ant farm' as a kid: two sheets of plastic/glass held together about one centimetre apart into which you could place soil or sand, and ants, and watch them burrow and build their nest...cruellish by today's standards I suppose. But like the 'bug catcher', the ant farm was standard kit for a backyard kid adventurer. I guess today they'd be tamagotchi-inspired apps to download. 

A smaller lot of paperwork,
at 6.12pm
I think I took some inspiration from those ants. For although I was still in the office at 6.12pm, that big pile you might have noticed on this spot on the desk, is looking a little smaller now. While there are still 'big projects' to complete, lots of the 'little things' are almost done. 

It is on to the big paper for Chicago now, and that will take my time over the next few days. April has come around very quickly and I'm now up for working out what is best to say when I get my 15 minutes...there is a book-length story developing in this, 15 minutes will be a challenge...

There is more rain to drive home in and on the radio there is much discussion about what might or might not be happening with superannuation. Bad timing, given I'm starting to plan my retirement...oh well, just another example of the 'mis'fortune of those of us who are neither baby boomer nor Gen X but that awkward group in between...but that's a discussion for another day (and the other blog)...

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