Thursday, 25 April 2013

Day 134: Just when you thought it was safe to rest...

Day 134 (19 Apr) Friday, which would normally be an opportunity to work in home, but in fact today I will be heading north again to make a presentation with a colleague. 

Dawn, at 6.12am
Desert rose
At 6.12am it's out on the verandah to check on the neglected plants. The desert rose sits under the bonsai most days but its shape and the time of day make for an interesting silhouette. The light at this time of day is also a challenge to capture on the fruit phone though a challenge I enjoy. The result never looks quite the same as the light in real life. 

My colleague Rika and I are due at the Kawana Library to make a presentation on Japan for a community group. These activities we undertake in addition to our regular university work. It is part of our job too, in a way. It is an interesting diversion and the members of the audience are curious and engaging. We round it out with an early lunch shared with the group--Japanese take-away of course. 

Back on campus, the extra unanticipated day, affords me the opportunity to continue to catch up on work which mounted up during my absence. There is reporting to do on the conference, marking, preparation of next week's classes and time to consider the next conference abstract which is due on 30 April. 
Caboolture, at 6.12pm

It is however, beer and pizza night and although I'm up north, I shall endeavour to get back at a reasonable time. At it happens, at 6.12pm, I am passing through the Caboolture service stop, appropriate since I usually stop there most nights on my way home, simply to take a break. I've learnt it is better to stop and get a coffee (and sometimes it is 'dinner' as well) than press on for the next 50 minutes feeling tired. Really. One too many micro-sleep experiences. This 6.12pm pic though shows just how quickly the darkness sets in this part of the world. 

The pizza was worth the drive. Creature of habit that I have clearly become. 

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