Friday, 5 April 2013

Day 121: About one-third of the way there

Day 121 (5 Apr) Another day at home to work but also pick up the automobile upgrade. I'm hoping this will be the last one for a little while. More rain, but we're getting used to that, seriously. 

Jet fighters 'for Australia!',
at 6.12am
Early start since there is work to do before, during and after car dealings. It is always interesting to be working in an 1893 headspace while dealing with the everyday. At least, so I thought as I ate breakfast, listened to the radio and read (yesterday's) papers. Right at 6.12am, I was wondering about the text of the ad in front of me from an American aircraft corporation extolling the virtues of a particular jet fighter. I'm intrigued by these ads and wonder why these companies think they might influence your ordinary person eating breakfast. Of course it becomes excellent fodder, erm, material, for my lectures... 

Much of the middle part of the day was taken up with banks, brothers (the one buying my old car) and car dealers. All done reasonably quickly and home again. It's just a simple upgrade to the previous model so it's like getting into the old car. 

I have some finishing touches to make to the Chicago paper, I'm still reflecting on yesterday's discussion at the GOMA panel but mostly distracted by the talk of North Korea's nuclear threats. I've spent much of my spare time today wondering about why the commentary seems to be ramping up the threat more than before. North Korea is usually a bit of a niche interest but it is bigger at the moment. I am cautious but remain on the side that suggests the technology and weaponry hasn't improved sufficiently since the last 'test' to cause too much of a worry. 

Mind you, I think Australia, in our foreign minister Bob Carr, could be a little more proactive and a little less belligerent-sounding. Re-opening the embassy actually might have been a good move. 

Immersed in 1893, at 6.12pm
Anyway, something to observe over the next few weeks, maybe days. 

I was also reading with some concern a speech given by Tony Abbott at the 70th Anniversary of the IPA...some rather inappropriate language and themes for what is by default, a political speech, as I mentioned earlier today. 

But at 6.12pm, just as I was about to get dinner, I was tidying up the day's work. I've been immersed in recreating the sights and sounds of two parallel but perhaps linked years in 1893, as it might have been in Japan and Queensland...that's my challenge at the moment...where did the nation-building spheres of these two countries intersect, in 1893 (if at all). 

The conference has come around very, very quickly. That. is. all. 

Today marks about one-third of the way through this project too, thanks for coming along so far... 

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