Sunday, 7 April 2013

Day 123: Performance...

A little colour
Day 123 (7 Apr) I have an old hockey injury which chooses its own time to get up and bite. It has been thus for the last 24 hours. It is complicated by a slightly more serious arthritis-related condition but I really want it gone by boarding time this week. A long haul flight is not the time to have a dicky knee...

Reading, at 6.12am EST
I really couldn't get out of bed in any sort of speedy manner this morning so I was reading at 6.12am but also rather pleased for the radio presenters who no longer had to call five different time zones. Yes, no more daylight savings to 'futurise' our twitter timelines here in Brisbane, so Sunday Extra coincides with the tweets at the same time all the way down the east coast. This a good thing (though I do like daylight saving, for the record). 

It occurred to me too that my early morning reading will soon need to be done with the light on, not enough sunlight to read in the morning. 

The knee foiled plans to go and visit my mum down the coast, that's always disappointing. Still, a bit more tweaking of the's turning into a book I think. So many developing developments and today I was re-viewing the Brisbane of the 1890s, so interesting. It is also interesting to be reading and writing this paper on Australia and Asia in the 1890s with the visit to China by Australian Prime Minister  Julia Gillard right now. It does return me to my interesting themes of Australia's 'Asian Century, the recently released White Paper, and the evidence I am gathering on the extent of our relations in the region. 

I ventured outside in between rain showers, the colours in the garden are looking quite brilliant, so I indulged a little. In fact, I was pleased to see both bees and butterflies 'performing' around the bush above, the so-called 'Geisha Girl' (though I've never really liked that name). I checked on the chrysalises movement there. 

An older, 'graceful' suburban cinema,
at 6.12pm
Later in the afternoon, a friend and I decided to go and see a delayed film, Performance, about the final concert of a New York quartet. Powerful stuff, particularly with the dynamic of the quartet as it began to transform towards its next iteration after 25 years. Close to home, on several fronts. The movie finished about 6.00pm and at 6.12pm we were just walking out into the foyer of this small suburban cinema. There aren't all that many left in Brisbane so we try to go when we can. It was a poignant way to end the weekend...well, almost, I'm back to reading again, shortly. 

Work never ends, it is a performance. 

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