Monday, 8 April 2013

Day 124: The sky has many shades

The sky, at 5.55am
Day 124 (8 Apr) Monday, back to the workplace after an Easter/mid-semester break. Today is a little different as we undertake a 'cabinet simulation' in class. Students aim to enact a Cabinet meeting and discuss, debate and determine policy. It's one of the classes I really enjoy; it is, when we finish, that sense that students finally 'get' the idea of politics, but they also get that they get it. It's always an exciting class. 

So today's pics are a little different too in as much as the first one I took today was a few minutes before 6.00am but there was certain quality about the light I really liked. Looking out the window felt like I was looking at silhouettes against a white background, no colour, but I mean that in a positive sense.  

The sky, at 6.12am
So the one at 6.12am was quite an interesting contrast. Neither photo is manipulated, and there are no filters. Yet the 6.12am looks a little darker than the 5.55am one. 

It also meant I got to return home a little earlier than usual too, and as I reached my bus stop there were some spectacular cloud formations on the horizon. At about 5.10pm I took a few shots and played again with the idea of the #612bluesky with the beautiful cumulus clouds. It was an hour earlier than the 6.12pm shot but irresistible. 

Almost 5.12pm
By 6.12pm I was working away but also, rarely as I do, cooking dinner; tonight a curry and rice. At 6.12pm, the rice cooker was working overtime. I thought it worth 
piccing to prove I do cook, sometimes. 
Dinner, almost, at 6.12pm

A good day class-wise. A day at Sippy Downs to go then off on the big adventure, well, the conference anyway. I'll still be tweaking the paper right up until Friday, lucky it's a long flight. 

Oh, and it was a bit exciting today: my bus card, the GoCard showed '$6.12 remaining' when I got off the bus...I was meant for this project...hehehe.


As I complete tonight's post, QandA on ABC has an all-female panel which has been a talking point of its own, but news is also breaking that Margaret Thatcher, Britain's first female prime minister has died. A key political figure in my teenage years there will be much said over the next few days. Germaine Greer's words about her are on the radio (broadcast of QandA) as I write...I'll probably post something over at psephy's~ologies soon. 

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