Monday, 6 May 2013

Day 147: Where the gardening/teaching analogy becomes too obvious to state

Day 147 (2 May) Thursday. Another late night tonight but early start too since the first-year Japanese students are doing their second group presentations. That's always something to look forward to since the students have mostly worked quite hard on extending their first presentations. 

Keeping an eye on things, at 6.12am
But before I head up, it's time to check up on the bonsai. With the cooler weather approaching, I need to be careful not to over-water it as its leaves begin to fall for winter. Now I'm no expert. I'm a sort of pot-luck serendipity-type of 'gardener', gardener is too correct a word for what I do out the back there. Anyway, last year I noticed that the green ferny, mossy bits around the bottom of the trunk remained green and alive throughout the hibernation period. So at 6.12am, I was inspecting the base of the bonsai. I've managed to keep it alive for one winter...can I do it again? 

I suppose there's a bit of an analogy with gardening for teaching...but it is probably too obvious to labour the point here. 

A vocab list, at 6.12pm
I head to work knowing that I won't finish with the last class until 9.00pm. The day in between assessment of the first-year projects is largely taken up with catching up on the pile of work on my, actually in the new shelves I built last Saturday. A bit of paper shuffling, actually. 

The final group of students began their presentations at 6.00pm and that was where we were at 6.12pm, just at the point of presentation. I sat at the back of the class to watch the students' progress. They've gone to a lot of effort...and I think they're having fun with writing their own scripts and producing their own performances. There will be on more dress rehearsal before the final presentation in June...

I have some extra work to do since I have commitments in Brisbane tomorrow which will prevent me coming to campus. I've been trying to keep an eye on Mr Palmer and the UAP...countdown to 13 May is fast approaching, and I'm not sure he should be treating the registration requirements so lightly, if he is serious. 

I have also just realised, that for purposes of this blog, I have spent 6.12pm in different classrooms around campus for a while now...I bet you're missing the view from my office. (^_-)/*... (As I am wont to say on twitter)

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