Sunday, 26 May 2013

Day 168: A day of moderation (just not what you think)

Day 168 (23 May) Thursday. Today is the other 'late finish', last class until 9pm. The theory is that if we teach late, we don't need to get to campus until a proportionately later time, never quite works as there are usually meetings and other things to do. 

A touch of fog, at 6.12am
First thing this morning though was the extent of fog around. Some light fog, a bit heavier than mist over on the northeast ridge from my place, though the pic doesn't quite do it justice. I'm also to call by a friend's place to give her a lift to the SunCoast today so that is a good chance to chat, rather than think about other things. The fog has lifted well and truly by the time I leave. 

Up and...
Students are starting to prepare their final presentations. If the semester has gone quickly for us, then it has gone just as quickly for the students methinks. As I walk across to the campus, via the kanga mob, the big bloke gets up and then decides the better of it. It's a bit how I feel...

After student presentations (always satisfying to see students 'get' Japanese, the presentations, for third year students, are quite sophisticated), I have to get together with the politics tutors to moderate the student essays. This is where we ensure that all the papers have been marked evenly and consistently. It can be a long process and so it is. 

That moderation process concludes, and I am asked to do a radio interview...Peter Slipper has just been committed to face trial in December and could I comment. I have just enough time to read up on the latest, do the interview and prepare for the 3pm class; some days it is just 100km/hour. 

New verbs, at 6.12pm
At 4pm, I have an special teleconference to attend to, about an urgent National Council meeting coming up next month. Oh, and there is still some work to do before tonight's three hours of class. The big bloke had the right idea this morning...I'll give it some serious thought next time. 

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