Monday, 6 May 2013

Day 149: Back to school (?)

Day 149 (4 May) Saturday. I should be at clarinet rehearsal but the band is off on a road trip tomorrow and balance in the final rehearsal is important. It's better I don't go. That means I really have no choice but to do what I have been avoiding...heading back to the old high school...

Reading, at 6.12am.
I could be up doing
the washing I suppose...
Try as I might, sleeping in doesn't happen, but I don't have to get up. At 6.12am, I'm reading, again, on a Saturday morning. Should I go to the school day? It is a 50th Anniversary of the founding of the school, not my 50th reunion (not quite there yet) so there is a bit of a difference. Well, a big difference actually. I've never been to one of the several reunions my year has had so an 'anniversary' might be a way to ease myself back into this. 

My school is on the Gold Coast so it really means I get to visit mum again who, as it turns out, is interested in coming along...

To go or not to go.
Yes, my old school tie.
Well, I went. I haven't been back in the school grounds since I left in 1980. You know that expression, 'the more things change, the more they stay the same'? I think the French must have devised the saying to describe returning to school. Friends from then that I met, acquaintances as well. Same buildings, same classrooms, same Great Hall...a few pieces of newer garden furniture. Even a couple of the teachers from the old days were there, recently retired but still there as supply teachers...I'll probably blog a bit more over at the other site, there is much to be said of the day I think. It's probably broken down that unease I've previously felt. If 2010 was the 30th reunion (if it happened) I guess that means 2020 will be our 40th...maybe. 

Staircase, at 6.12pm

The old 'war cry'
Mum and I discovered a new venture on the Coast, a food market set up in disused warehouses at the back of Miami...fascinating. At 6.12pm, I was back at her place, not too far from leaving to head home. A most interesting day. 

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