Monday, 6 May 2013

Day 150: May Day March...on a Sunday?

Day 150 (5 May) Sunday. Now, I shall try to keep this post within the general guidelines of this blog, that is, capture what I am doing at two points of the day, namely 6.12am and 6.12pm. Things that might be said at this blog, which might escape in this post, are probably best said over at Psephy's ~ologies...the political space. 

To wash, or not to wash,
at 6.12am
Today is a bit controversial. The previous and present Queensland governments have been playing politics with state public holidays over the last couple of years, the result being, for now, the May Day long weekend no longer exists and the previous Monday holiday has been moved to October...ostensibly to have a public holiday later in the year. Yeah, I see...

A #612bluesky and
architectural contrast
(Wickham Tce)
So, staying safe, here is what I was doing at 6.12am. Normally on a Sunday, I would be looking at doing the washing...but today I had to estimate whether or not I'd have it done in time before I needed to leave to make the start. I opted to leave it, but clearly, the mornings are not quite as light (from a photographer's p-o-v). 

Working, at 6.12pm
It lightened up as I headed towards the assembly point and I had another play at the #612bluesky. I really must get out there with the camera and view the city with the same photographic awe I recently viewed Chicago, and stop taking the cityscapes for granted. 

There was a huge turnout for the march, estimates of about 30,000. I generally leave the grounds around 1pm. It was time to go home and prepare tomorrow's classes...since there is no holiday tomorrow. At 6.12pm, I was...working; reviewing the week's politics for classes. Well, that's the modern Labour Day...keep on working.

Marching to the beat of the drum...
Damn it, I'll break the rule: here's a taste of some of the fun we had...more details over at Psephy's ~ologies in a few days...the drummers were fantastic...we literally danced our way all the way.

Oh, it is also day 150...that's time for a 50 day update soon too. 

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