Sunday, 19 May 2013

Day 164: Sunday, just trying to catch up...

Day 164 (19 May) Sunday. It's a clear day. Quite possibly a day to do some decent laundry...

The light is later at 6.12am
At 6.12am, though not quite up and at it, I can see the light through the window. I think there is a pattern developing with the weekend 6.12am photos...there will be a nice comparison over the year when this is done. 

Given that yesterday was a play day, there is a bit to catch up with. There is this blog of course, since the week just escapes at the moment. I do generally enjoy the discipline of the daily writing, but even I am not quite up to writing a post at 1.00am.

Dinner, almost, at 6.12pm
So an ordinary sort of morning, cleaning, writing, reading and so on. I plan to go and meet up with Jenny, Chas's wife this arvo. There is much to talk about. 

Sunday is also the morning politics programs: Sunday Extra on the radio, Insiders on twitter, followed later by a radio replay of Insiders. I'm still not convinced to get a TV. I'm anticipating an interesting election campaign. 

There's also the decision to be made about going shopping. The new local supermarket is open until midnight so I can have dinner, get some work done and head out a little later. It beats tangling with the crowds at 6pm. After dinner, at 6.12pm. Sundays, just trying to catch up, that's all. 

The funeral is Tuesday...I hope I have the words just right. 

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