Sunday, 26 May 2013

Day 165: Looking skywards

Day 165 (20 May) Monday. Week 12, the second last week of semester and it has come around very quickly. It's a day at South Bank and we're discussing public policy--asylum seekers and whaling. Both topics for interesting conversations. 

Dawn, at 6.12am I
But the sky this morning is just simply spectacular and the twittersphere starts its day with marvellous photos of the dawning sky. At 6.12am, I'm contributing to twitter is just too nice to ignore. 

Dawn, at 6.12am II
The colour lasts just a few minutes and within about 30 seconds of the photo on the left, I've taken another where the oranges and pinks of the clouds are more intense. 

I could have spent quite some time just watching the changes in the sky, but there are buses to catch, classes to teach. After breakfast, it's checking the notes, and listening to the news for anything that might add to the lectures today. 

There is something wonderful about teaching small classes. It is a bit of a luxury in the modern university but it is a very intense and rewarding way to teach. I really enjoy the opportunity and the fact there is just one more week of this group is a little sad. It is such a privilege to teach politics, and have students 'get it'. 

Before rehearsal, at 6.12pm
Of course, since I resolved last week to return to St Lucia Orchestra, tonight I will go to rehearsal. I realised last week just how much I have missed it because of work, but I'm glad to be back, thanks to Chas. Over a light dinner I catch up on the day's news but thoughts overwhelmingly turn to tomorrow, and the complex feelings that come with reading to many at your best mate's funeral. I'll be looking skywards...quite a bit. 

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